Monday, January 23, 2012

Film Project: Great Myths of the Great Depression

I'm blogging again. However, I've decided to transfer my blog to my own domain. You can find it here: I may still post here from time to time, but probably only to reference posts I've written on that other site.

In Other News
The past several weeks of my life were spent preparing for my college’s spring semester and working with my brother on a film project for a video contest that is being run by the Foundation for Economic Education. The competition asked high-school and college students to create an 8-minute film on Lawrence Reed’s essay “Great Myths of the Great Depression.” 25% of our score is how many hits, likes, and comments we receive on YouTube. We have a month to promote the film. You can watch it below:

In his essay, Lawrence Reed argued that destructive government policies produced America’s Great Depression. He set out to debunk what he called the 20th century’s greatest myth: free markets caused the depression and government intervention brought about economic recovery. Read the original essay here:

We used Final Cut Pro, Garage Band, Photoshop and Adobe Flash to produce the film, as well as public domain archival footage and historic photographs from and The National Archives. It was terribly difficult and time consuming to put this low-budget documentary together. Needless to say, I have even greater respect for professional filmmakers for the time and dedication they put into their projects.

I hope you enjoy the film and find it informative.

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